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Pâtisserie Ciel

Pâtisserie Ciel by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) Pâtisserie Ciel by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Ever since the very sweet Cindy brought me a colourful and quite interesting looking cake (don't you think it kind of resembles some sort of shower loofah/sponge thing?) for my birthday this winter I've had these little pastries from Pâtisserie Ciel on my mind. A while ago I decided to pay them a visit and have a little Japanese tea and cake session together with Christine. It's always nice to find an excuse to indulge when you really shouldn't, and catching up with lovely friends is just the perfect one. These treats came in a variety of different flavours like matcha, cherry blossom, vanilla, chocolate and yuzu (just to name a few) and I can warmly recommend the red fruits one that I had. Delicious! The only problem? I could probably eat a hundred of them since they don't feel too heavy – I mean, they're called angel cakes after all. ...And since they're made without butter I will keep telling myself that they're not too bad for you either (don't burst this little bubble of ignorance please).

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