Paris in Four Months


Finding Home

Parisian rooftops by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) Let me stop you right there. No, this is not my new view – I wish! This incredible view belongs to my dear friend Sophia but at least I got to spend yesterday morning admiring it for a little while (after climbing 7 flats of stairs without an elevator that is). But I do have some very exciting news to share. I've finally found a home! I couldn't be happier and after living in my new apartment for three nights now, I still can't believe it's real.

Due to IKEA trips, moving all of my belongings, figuring out how to install wifi, building a bed by myself and still trying to balance work and pleasure, I haven't had much energy for anything else. Tonight I'm popping some bubbly and will celebrate my move together with a bunch of friends and loved ones. I can't wait to show you a little bit more of my new place once I'm settled. Let this be a little inspiration for those loosing faith in the apartment hunt out there; it is possible (even though it can feel like a crappy, never-ending search).