Paris in Four Months


Today's Detail

Rebecca Peace sleepwear by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) I have a couple of weaknesses. Ice cream, bags and pastries being the most obvious to people. Another weakness that I might have been able to keep a little bit more "under the radar" thus far has to be my obsession with pretty sleepwear. In saying this, I don't mean that that you'll never find me in one of my mom's old Jurassic Park t-shirts, watching GIRLS while eating ice cream straight out of the tub – those moments are just impossible to avoid. But, even though I more than often go for a comfy t-shirt I can never stop buying and lusting over pretty pyjama sets. I've probably bought five sets alone this summer... Yup, that's right. I've only worn one so far. Anyways, that's not my point here. I'm convinced that I'll eventually wear every single one of them, eventually. And if not, that's ok too. They're just too pretty to pass in the stores.

The silk set you see above in the photo was therefor the most pleasant surprise I've gotten in the mail in a long time. I mean, a monogrammed sleepwear set for a pyjama junkie like myself is nothing short of amazing. Thank you Rebecca Peace for making my sleepwear closet complete (well, until next time I happen to pass a lingerie shop at least).