Paris in Four Months


Blush Chiffon

Carin Olsson photo by Katie Mitchell Photography Carin Olsson photo by Katie Mitchell Photography

Pink skirt (on sale) by Alexandra Grecco - White top from Massimo Dutti - Ballet flats by Josefinas

Don’t worry, this is never going to become a personal style blog – I have neither the figure (I’m actually eating a block of chocolate while writing this…) or the style to keep something like that going. I’m also very likely the most uncomfortable person in front of a camera that you’ll ever see. If it wasn’t for my lovely Katie (and the fact that we already know each other so well) I don’t think I would have ever gotten one single usable shot from this morning. Being on the other side of the lens is hard. It means loosing control and putting your vision into the hands of another person and trusting that they’ll see exactly what you have in mind. Something I’m not very good at and probably one of the main reasons to why you don’t see much of me around here on the blog (that and the fact that I freeze up like a popsicle as soon as a camera is pointed in my direction of course). Fortunately Katie does this for a living (if you’ve payed close attention you know that I’ve mentioned her and her brilliant work many times before) and is one of the people who can make me laugh no matter the circumstances. I’m so lucky and grateful to have such a wonderful friend to share my everyday life here in Paris with. And if there’s anyone out there getting married, engaged or looking for someone to photograph you and your loved one while in Paris, this is the girl you need to get in contact with since she's simply the best wedding photographer in the city.

The other reason to this little morning photo shoot, and perhaps the push that made me face my camera shyness, was this beautiful skirt that arrived in my mailbox before I left for vacation. The perfect shade of pink, in the lightest chiffon fabric I’ve ever had on... How could you not want to photograph that?

Photos by: Katie Mitchell