Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Weekend reading by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) My weekend reading arrived in the mail the other day thanks to Louis Vuitton but here's a few other suggestions as well:

•   Jamie Beck captures Paris in black and white better than I've ever seen before. That's it, I think I want to learn how to shoot with film! •   Ever wanted to get a peek inside the life (and mind) of Anna Wintour? This wonderful little video series called "73 questions", created by Vogue, is just brilliant. Don't miss the one with Sarah Jessica Park either! I only wish they did them more often. •   Elderflower granita. I mean, yum! Thanks for sharing such a great (and deliciously looking) recipe Peony! •   I adore Lena Dunham and these short little videos just made me smile while eating my yoghurt for breakfast the other day. I can't wait for GIRLS to come back and to read her new book as well!