Weekend Reading

Parisian café by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) The autumn has been absolutely amazing in Paris so far and we've actually managed to get a lot of sun (even though the skies seem to stay grey – don't ask me how that works) but I already miss mornings like this one above when we were able to sit outside in nothing but shirts while enjoying our breakfast. I just had to share these two outtakes from my shoot with Monica Vinader a while back.

•   The New York Times wondered what a couple of second graders would think about dining at a Michelin starred restaurant with a seven course tasting menu and decided to test it out – don't miss the video of their experience here. •   I couldn't help but laugh out loud (and agree) with Zanita's funny and witty post about how to make your blog super popular. •   Get me these strawberry cheesecake jars now, please! I can never visit Linda's site without getting hungry... •   Come pin with me!