Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Rose petals photo by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months) After coming back to Paris during such a scary and sad time for the city and the whole country, I'm so relieved that the tension that's been hanging in the air lately is finally wearing off a bit. Seeing all the people taking part in such a grand march last Sunday was just incredible and left me completely speechless. My heart goes out to the city I'm lucky enough to call home today and everyone who was affected by these horrible events. I'm so thankful I've had my friends and loved ones close by during this time.

•   I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that decided to re-publish my article for Condé Nast Traveler about chic passages in Paris. •   The second I saw these photos from Bagaholicboy (a must for anyone with a bag obsession) I knew that I would be dreaming about Dior's Be Dior bag for the next couple of nights... I still can't get it out of my head. •   Unfortunately I caught a cold and fever on my way back from Australia and have been resting in bed during this week. This chicken noodle soup by Smitten Kitchen is exactly what I wish somebody would have made me during this time (I was obviously too lazy to do so myself). •   The Golden Globes just happened and it was so hard to pick a favourite this year (I literally can't wait for the Oscars) but here's a couple of the ones I couldn't stop looking at: Emma (I have the biggest crush on this woman right now), Amy, Dakota, TaylorJulianne, Felicity and Diane.