Paris in Four Months


Spring Treat

Cherry blossoms in Paris Cherry blossoms in Paris

Cherry blossoms in Paris

Last year, after coming back from New York fashion week in late February, Nicole and I were greeted by this beautiful pink tree full of blossoms in front of the Eiffel Tower. Can it get more picturesque than that?! Somehow spring had arrived unusually early in Paris and we photographed Nicole in a skirt that day, without even being cold (yes, yes, I know that the weather turned pretty rainy and wintery a couple of days later but we did have a very early spring last year). I don't think I've ever shared these photos on here before but I thought it might give spring a little extra push to arrive sooner rather than later here in Paris this year. Because I seriously can't wait for pretty pink blossoms, picnics along the Seine and throwing away my winter boots for cute ballet flats and spring jackets.