Paris in Four Months


Back Home

The Eiffel Tower During the last couple of weeks I've been all over the place – most recently in Cannes (which I most definitely will tell you more about very soon), and before that both Barcelona and Venice were ticked off my "must visit list". I've personally had a blast, although my empty apartment and even emptier fridge have had to suffer a bit. Right now it looks like something exploded in my little flat with three suitcases and x amount of handbags spread out all over the place. I've basically dropped everything, repacked and left for Orly airport once again. When I've been at home though, I've barely seen the inside of my place since time is spent either with friends or working my little bum off – I'm not complaining (before you say anything) – I'm loving every second of it and as I said, I'm having a blast. But during these busy times I value evenings like the one seen above more than anything else. This particular evening we had a picnic for any friend who wanted to join in on the fun, in front of the Eiffel Tower until the sky turned dark and we ran out of rosé, chit chatting about everything and nothing until jaws started spreading around the circle. During evenings like these I'm reminded of how unbelievably happy I am right here (even if I sometimes have to leave for a while and come back to a complete mess).