Paris in Four Months


On Instagram

On Instagram I'm currently writing this with one of my cheeks being the size of a football, more or less. Yesterday I had to have dental surgery done due to two stupid wisdom teeth that thought it seemed fitting to pop up just in time to ruin my holidays. I was supposed to leave for Italy this Monday to see both family and friends but had to cancel the whole trip because of this less than hilarious problem. Anyhow, fast forward past one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life and I'm now only able to sip juice and eat cold soup. Hopefully this little bump in the road will be over sooner rather than later and perhaps I'll even be lucky enough to plan a weekend in Italy after all, we'll see...

In the meantime I'll share a few photos from Instagram lately starting with an image from my shoot with the lovely Kerrie Hess (more about that very soon), every marble lover's dream bathroom at Hotel Le Meurice, my ridiculously happy face when stumbling across this cute Fiat and the Plaza Athénée's beautiful red balconies. The view from my flat where I'm currently being held hostage, Parisian street corners, a sparkling Tour Eiffel and some recent work I photographed for Carolina Herrera during Haute Couture week. Place Saint Sulpice, one of my favourite spots in Paris, gorgeous rooftops and empty Parisian streets on a Sunday.