Paris in Four Months


Sometime in August

Jardin du Luxembourg Jardin du Luxembourg

Place Dauphine

Jardin du Luxembourg

Parisian streets

Last summer, after spending a rainy and grey month of August in Paris for the first time, I told myself: never again. In August many places tend to close up and almost all locals flee the city, so if the weather is sh*t, there's simply not that much to occupy yourself with... Therefore I planned a vacation to Italy during this summer. My plans? To do nothing but enjoying the beach and swimming around in the Mediterranean sea but due do dental surgery I had to cancel it all and my fear of having to face another rainy, boring month of August in Paris became reality. Luckily, Mother Nature was kinder this year and gave us the sunniest summer I've ever experienced in this city. August, that I last year hated more than dry macarons ended up being one of the loveliest times I've ever had in Paris. Empty, calm and always warm weather allowing for summery dresses and bare legs.

We spent the days having picnics, strolling through the city, sipping on iced lattes and enjoying the gardens in the city. After this time I've learnt to not fear August as much as I used to – that is if the weather is on your side of course.