Paris in Four Months


My Stockholm

stockholm4 This week I enjoyed a beautiful couple of days in my hometown Stockholm and luckily the city greeted me with sun and blue skies. I've never been a big fan of going back home before (maybe because I tend to go back when it's winter, freezing and dark...) but this time I had such a lovely time I kind of didn't want to board the plane back home to Paris. Ok let's be honest, of course I wanted to come back to Paris but a few more days in Stockholm wouldn't have hurt anyone. I sometimes forget how beautiful this city really is and how lovely it is to be around family and old friends...

If anyone ever gets the opportunity to visit this pretty place in the world my suggestion is to do so between April and October. After October it gets too dark, too cold and too... yuck, for my taste. If you do end up going and the sun decides to make an appearance there's nothing better than going for a little stroll around Djurgården, grabbing lunch and some sweets at Rosendals trädgårdskafé and continue walking back into the city, crossing Djurgårdsbron and strolling around the city until it's time for dinner. Below you'll find some of my favourite spots in the city at the moment.


Bistro Berns (lunch & dinner), Matkonsulatet (dinner), EAT (lunch & dinner), Riche (lunch & dinner), Matbaren (lunch & dinner), Wienercaféet (breakfast, lunch, café & dinner), Östermalms Saluhall (food shopping), Pärlans Konfektyr (sweets), Xoko (sweets), Kaffeverket (café), Café Pascal (café) and Rosendals Trädgårdskafé (café outside). For more tips and suggestions you can have a look at my previous post about Stockholm.