Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Pink surprise Scratch "weekend" in this case since it's only Wednesday and let's make an exception here! I'm so happy to see how strong Paris has been during these recent days and so impressed by peoples' determination to still enjoy, live and stroll around the city. During this time I've enjoyed every little thing that has been able to put a smile on my face, which has been everything from a smile from a stranger, sunny weather or incredibly nice Uber-drivers to the company of the loveliest friends, calls from my sister who's all the way in Australia and adorable pink surprises from Ladurée (as you can see above). Distraction in the form of interesting reads has also been a little help to get my mind off of things...

•   Garance Doré on dressing for shorter less tall people (I need to study this). •   Dreaming about Bergamo and Italy... •   Wishing I had the energy to make these "fake shack" burgers at home. •   Seeing Japan through Katie's talented eyes.