Paris in Four Months


Weekend Reading

Baby's breath and Sanui scented candle

Scented candle: Sanui

I've been locked inside my apartment all day today, trying to edit photos from a few different jobs that I've done during the last couple of weeks. This is something that I love to do (I mean editing is half of my job) but after a while my eyes starts to hurt, my body misses fresh air and my mind starts to wonder... Thankfully I got to put on a pair of heels, treat myself to a few glasses of wine as a little reward and celebrate a friend's birthday last night.

•   A recent story I had the pleasure of photographing for Goop. •   I'm currently obsessed with making soups and need all the suggestions I can get! •   Garance Doré talking lingerie (which just made me place two orders from Net-a-Porter... Ops). •   Laughs thanks to Man Repeller.