Paris in Four Months


Shooting for Boucheron

Shoot for Boucheron

All jewellery: Boucheron's "Quatre Radiant" collection

This year I've had the opportunity to photograph and work for brands I've only dared to dream about in the past and I've always found it interesting to share as much as I can from these jobs over here since I think it's a great way to both see how I work and what sort of progress I've made (I mean, don't even look at the photos I took when I started this little digital diary, it's truly embarrassing haha). Photographing Boucheron's new Quatre Radiant collection is one of  the most exciting jobs I've done during this year and it was certainly one of the most hilarious days I can remember. You know when everyone just works great together and it feels as though you're actually laughing more than working? Spending the day with this team that I put together was just fantastic and hopefully we can of it all over again sometime in the future.

Above you'll see a few of the final photos for Boucheron and below you can see a few snapshots (curtesy of Trine Juel and the Boucheron team) from behind the scenes, from the day we shot in Paris. I hope you've enjoyed this little peek at yet another job from this year as well as my awkward positions while photographing...

Behind the scenes of Boucheron

Model: Jovana (New Madison) – Hair & Make-up: Trine Juel – Photography: Carin Olsson (behind the scenes photos curtesy of the Boucheron team and Trine Juel)