Paris in Four Months


In the Middle of the Ocean


After the loveliest time spent at the Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru hotel (where I could have stayed forever if they would have just let me I might add), we were off to our next and second location of the week. After yet another ride with the tiny sea plane (which should be an activity all by itself since it’s a pretty spectacular experience and incredible view of the landscape below) we arrived to the Four Seasons Kuda Huraa resort. 

We immediately fell in love with the cosy atmosphere of the island, the lovely staff, the bougainvillea flowers planted all along the main road and the romantic water villas and beach bungalows for the guests. If the resort at Landaa Giraavaru was over-the-top-minimalistic-ultra-luxurious this was definitely luxurious as well but in a more laid back sort of way. Does that make any sense at all? Anyhow, the property is absolutely beautiful, beaches of white sand everywhere and water you can see right through since it’s the clearest ever. I loved getting the opportunity to see two different places while in the Maldives, which were equally incredible.

Deep into the jungle - Quite a few people expressed their concerns to me before I left for this holiday. It mostly sounded something like “Aren’t you going to be a bit bored over there?”, “You know there’s not really a lot of things to do in the Maldives…”, “Please remember to bring lots of books – you’ll need them”. I don’t know if these people have ever been to the Maldives in their lives or not but I don’t believe we visited the same place. If you wanted to you could easily have filled up every single day with entertaining activities. We said we would go for a quick little snorkelling session before lunch one day and ended up coming back out of the water four hours later (without wearing any sunscreen I might add – something I understand was a huuuge mistake afterwards). There are a million things to do and to see over here, which is one of the reasons I never had the chance to even open the one and only book I brought with me for my time away.

I can’t believe that on most days we found ourselves completely alone on the beaches and in the water. It would go hours between seeing other people, which made it feel like we almost had the entire island to ourselves. From now on, when anyone uses the word paradise I think these are the places that will come to mind for me. 

It’s hard to properly take in all of this beauty while being there and actually living it. That’s one of the reasons as to why I love photography so much. I get the opportunity to capture these bits and pieces of beauty and I get to look back at them once everything is finished and gone… Over and over again and I get to enjoy my memories from each and every photo on repeat in my mind.

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