Paris in Four Months


Nobody but You


The name of this beautiful and completely unreal place is Four Seasons Voavah (and you can find more information here if you’re interested). The (private) island is located about 10 minutes by boat from where we stayed at Landaa Giraavaru – so perfect location if you feel a bit lonely after a while and would like to hang around mortals for a few minutes or try something else for dinner. But I personally don’t see any reason to leave this beautiful place once you’ve arrived. Best things about it, you can bring whoever you’d like with you! If you have a bank account that allows this of course… Just a little side note

Ok, so what do you actually get when living on this dream island? Well, you can choose between sleeping in a three-bedroom villa on the beach, in one of the two mezzanine suites or if you prefer, in the two-bedroom water villa (of course there are additional rooms for kids and staff as well – do you even have to ask?). You also have your beach house with a lounging room, library, kitchen, pool deck, dining room, gym and pool table. I’m not done yet. You also have your own SPA as I mentioned before, you’re own motorised beach toys as well as access to your private luxury yacht. As if this wasn’t enough, you of course have your own beach wherever you look and crystal clear waters surrounding your whole island. You’re by yourself in the middle of what can only be described as paradise. I think I found the place where I want to get married (and have a massive party)

Clothing information: Right here – Location: Four Seasons Voavah

I’ve said this before but it doesn’t hurt to repeat myself in this case: I’ve never seen anything like this. Never. And I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to see anything like this in the future either for that matter. Looking back at these photos I can’t even believe that I had the opportunity to walk along these beaches, have lunch while looking out over this incredible space or swim in these waters. I will never take moments like this for granted and I will never forget the incredible and absolutely magical time I had the opportunity to spend in this beautiful part of the world. If you ever get the chance to go, go.