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Photographing for Carolina Herrera


Photographing for Herrera...

The reason for my trip to Barcelona last week was a photo shoot that I had for Carolina Herrera. I've been working together with this lovely team for quite sometime now but so far we've only shot together in Paris before. I mean, hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with photographing in Paris but it was such a pleasure (and great for inspiration!) to shoot in a completely different city than I'm used to shooting in. 

The shoot lasted from early morning on Wednesday until early evening and we managed to squeeze in two different stories during the day. The first one will come out later this fall and was a story that we photographed around the streets of Barcelona, the second one (which you can catch a glimpse of in this post) we shot together on one of those beautiful boats. 

I've never ever photographed on a boat before so that was certainly a new experience for me but something that I found to be extremely fun and very inspiring! But as I always say: when you have a good team and a lovely atmosphere the work is so much more fun and even though you're almost fainting from exhaustion (and the heat) you don't notice because you're having such a great time and that's exactly how I feel when shooting for Carolina Herrera

Photographing for Carolina Herrera
Photographing for Carolina Herrera

Clothing: CH Carolina Herrera & Carolina Herrera – Model: Alicia Hallén – Hair & make-up: Itziar Lorente