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Les Parfums Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton – Les Parfums
Louis Vuitton – Les Parfums

In perfume heaven...

So do you remember a while back, right after Haute Couture week ended to be more precise, when I traveled down to the south of France for a day to visit Grasse and the magical place where the new Louis Vuitton perfumes are made? If you don't that's totally understandable since I wasn't allowed to say or share too much information about this very exciting project due to the fact that the perfumes were just realised the other week.

Anyhow, now I'm finally able to share all photos, and a special little preview of the bottles – including my two favourite scents out of the collection: Rose des Ventes and Apogee with you all, which might give you a better understanding as to why I was there. 

It was very special to get the opportunity to visit this place, see where the Louis Vuitton perfumes are created, to meet the perfume master behind all of the scents and also to get a little preview of the whole thing before it was realised to the public. Spending a day in this beautiful place was not nearly enough and I hope I will be able to go back one day (and even stay the night next time!) as there was so much more to see and to enjoy. 

All of the seven perfumes are now available in selected Louis Vuitton stores around the world and I recommend dropping by to smell them all. As I said, Rose des Ventes and Apogée both stole my heart – along with the super sleek and tasteful design (...and can we please talk about how adorable this little mini set is?!). Thank you Louis Vuitton for having me.

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