Paris in Four Months


Cap-Ferrat in September, I


As you might have seen, if you follow along on Instagram for example, I've been spending the last couple of days on the French Riviera, Cap-Ferrat to be precise. Even though it was a short and a quite intense trip I had the most wonderful time ever, probably because this place is absolutely magical and I can't even imagine having anything else besides an incredible time here. I hope you've enjoyed the photos I've been sharing through Instagram and the little videos through their new feature Instagram Stories, but it's not over yet! I hope these photos from where we stayed during our little getaway will make you dream away for a short while, just like I'm doing right now... Oh, to be next to that clear blue sea again, eating watermelon and cooling off in the pool. 

During our time in Cap-Ferrat we stayed at the gorgeous Four Seasons Grand Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, which is where I've also taken these photographs. There's no need to explain why I ended up with 5,000 new photos on my iPhone after this trip, right? Every single corner of this place was absolutely magical. We stayed in a beautiful suite, overlooking the blue sea and where we were lucky enough to wake up to this beautiful sunrise every single morning. Not too shabby if I can say so myself. 

From the hotel we walked down to the "beach" (I'm calling it a beach since I don't know the proper word for this sort of "rock beach" – if anyone has any ideas, feel free to educate me since this could be a good word to know, haha) each morning and continued down to the sea, passing the beautiful pool area to enjoy that crystal clear water. Surprisingly it wasn't too cold and we actually managed to go for a little swim (and get drenched in the waves crashing up against the shore). It's incredible that this place is just a little bit over an hour's plane ride away from Paris...

Our beautiful suite was, just like the rest of the hotel, decorated in shades of white and minty greens – which I have to say is a personal favourite when it comes to colour combinations – and decorated with delicate flowers. We didn't spend too much time in the room since, well, I guess it's pretty obvious when you see the rest of the photos of the sea and of the gorgeous pool area... But if we would have stayed longer I would have loved to curl up under that huge duvet and do nothing but enjoying the room for a whole afternoon.

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I feel like I've travelled quite a bit throughout my life so far and I've seen a couple of hotels around the world but I have to say that when I took the first few steps into the pool area of the Four Seasons Grand Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat my jaw dropped to the floor. I don't even think that my photos will do this place justice but I truly hope that you'll get to see this with your own eyes one day because it's honestly absolutely beautiful. I'm guessing that the hotel might be a bit busier during high season (meaning June, July and especially August) and that's why I loved spending a few days in September here since it was so calm, serene and we almost had the whole place to ourselves. My goal will from now on will definitely be to make this into a yearly tradition.

Photos of me: Hana Le Van (editing by me)