Paris in Four Months


Cap-Ferrat in September, II


You didn't think it was over already, did you? Good, because there are more photos coming your way! As I previously said, I think I returned with about 5,000 new iPhone photos and 3,000 photos on my camera (insert appropriate emoji here)... So I definitely hope you're not bored just yet. Besides spending a few lovely moments at the beautiful Four Seasons Grand Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat we also got to explore the area around Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat a little bite more. I've been to the French Riviera many times before but I've never managed to make it to these places so I was extra happy about getting to see these gorgeous sites. So grab a pen and paper (or maybe it's more appropriate to say "save the link" or "take a screenshot" nowadays...) to make sure that you don't forget about these places if you ever happen to plan something in the area!

I've heard so many things about this place and I've seen a crazy amount of photos on Instagram and online of this pastel pink palace so I was so excited to finally visit it for myself during this trip. We unfortunately didn't have a lot of time here (you can easily spend a whole day strolling around the house, the different gardens and have a little break in the tea salon) but we definitely made the most of it. 

I'm guessing that this is what heaven looks like for anyone with a soft spot for pastel colours or anything that looks adorable. It's so hard walking around this beautiful place without wanting to set up photo shoots in every single corner. There's so much beauty and inspiration I think I could stay forever. Yes, in a matter of fact, I think I'd like to move in! Oh yes, please send all of my future mail to my new address in this case: Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. It might be a bit of a long daily commute to Paris though... Hmm.

We also managed to squeeze in a little visit and car ride around Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat and cute hidden gems around this area. There are so many places, little towns and beaches to see along the coast of the French Riviera that I never think I'll be able to see them all. I love that even though you've been hundreds of times, there's always something new to see and to visit. This little town captured my heart completely and I will definitely try to return in the near future. It's too cute for words and might be what I'll dream about during the next couple of nights... 

In between working, shooting and visiting all of these different places we managed to make time for a few minutes by the pool in the early morning sunshine. The mornings and evenings are definitely a bit chillier during late September but during the days the weather is absolutely perfect. It's not too cold and not so warm that you feel as though it's hard to breathe. The sea was the perfect temperature (and next time I'm most certainly going for a little snorkling trip!) and so was the pool. We felt so taken care of and wanted to hold on to the sun-beds instead of leaving to the airport when it was time to go back home again.

Another little gem that I've been dying to visit forever now was Paloma Beach. Apparently the word has gotten out which now means that you most likely will have to make sure your name is on a waiting list if you want to get your hands on one of those sun-beds during busier times of the year, but I kind of understand why when it looks this pretty. Hidden among trees and perfectly situated with the most beautiful view you'll find this little beach which I will return to one day. Just to relax, read a magazine (and also take another 1,000 photos of course).

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The people who know me knows that I feel the best when I have water close by. I guess that's why I'm so in love with days and evenings along the Seine, going away for little weekends just to get a glimpse of the sea or flying further away for a proper holiday by the ocean... Don't get me wrong, I love a good pool but there's something special about the sea (special meaning something that scares the bejesus out of me at the same time as I can't get enough of it). I loved the fact that our hotel had this private little access to the sea where we could be completely alone with no one else around us. Dreeeaaamy. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little escape, I know I certainly did and that I can try to remember these calm moments by the water when running between meetings, shows and presentations now that fashion week is going on in full force here in Paris. I think I need to start planning a return to this place already...

Photos of me: Hana Le Van (editing by me)