Paris in Four Months


Roma in My Heart

Oh, Rome

When I was packing my bag for this trip to Rome I came across my smaller camera, which still had the memory card from my last trip to Rome inside it. On it, I found these photos that I had taken during my time there in August this summer (when it was burning hot and my clothes were sticking to every single inch of my body – yum). They made me long (even more so) to come back to this city that I love so much and which seems to be a place I never can get enough of. I thought that even though it's been a little while since I snapped these photos, it might be enjoyable to share them with you anyway. Just imagine the city with lower temperatures, a few rain showers here and there as well as much more clothing if you want to imagine what this trip in November has looked like so far – but it doesn't make me love this place any less.


While in Rome this summer – and even this time – I had the pleasure of spending a few nights at the beautiful Hotel Eden. If there's something I've previously felt like this city was sort of missing, it was a definitely more options when it comes to beautiful and special hotels. After Hotel Eden opened again after their renovation, this is certainly not the case anymore. I love this place. After keeping this website up for a couple of years now, I have through time learned that people actually take some of my advice to heart (even though this is still a little bit surreal to understand for me) so I wouldn't want to share something with you all unless it's truly something that I believe in (which has been a policy I've tried to stick to since day one). Therefore I can without a doubt feel more than comfortable talking so warmly about this place that I genuinely adore and dream about coming back to. Not only is it a stunning place (in one of the best cities on earth), it's also managed by the some of the loveliest staff I've ever had the chance to encounter in this hotel world so far. Anyway! Enough with the cheesiness. To sum things up: I really like this place and I wish I could stay forever. It also holds a special place in my heart for another little reason, but that I will keep to myself for now...


There are a few places in the world that makes you feel something very special and almost immediately puts a smile on your face – and of course these places vary from person to person. I can personally say that I'm lucky enough to have found a few in my life so far. Perhaps the two most obvious places in my case would be Paris (duh?) and Rome. I have no idea why... Well, I have my theories of course. But it's hard to really understand why a place makes you feel a certain way. Just like with people I guess... Ok, we're getting sidetracked! What I wanted to say is that I think I've found a few of these special-to-me-places around the world and I'm so happy that one of them isn't more than a two-hour plane ride away from where I live. I could come a thousand times to this city and it still wouldn't be enough. Rome, I think we might be soulmates.