Paris in Four Months


Haute Couture

Haute Couture Week

It's funny how quickly these weeks come around yet again and how quickly they're then over. It's such an intense but exhilarating period that I absolutely dread and look forward to each season. Haute Couture Week has to be my favourite week out of all the fashion weeks though. There's just something about it... Haute Couture. Paris. Do I need to say anything more? No, I didn't think so. This little recap is a little bit delayed but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. 


Getting back into the swing of things...

The first show of the season for me was the Georges Hobeika show, taking place in the 6th arrondissement. I made sure to warm up, after a winter away from fashion shows and runways, starting with men's fashion week before this week took off properly, which I now think was a pretty good way to go about it since it kind of takes me a few shows, tunes and models to get back into the "groove" of things again. Luckily I got to dream about gorgeous men's clothing thanks to Berluti, Dior Homme and Paul Smith

If you'd like to see more from the Georges Hobeika show you're more than welcome to click on this little video here to the left. 


The Dior day

As you've probably gathered by now I definitely have a soft spot for anything Dior. But who hasn't, right? The first day of this week was pretty much a dream for us people with a light Dior addiction. Maria Grazia Chiuri put on a magical fairytale show, set in an equally magical forest setting in the middle of Musée Rodin. Dress after dress made me dream about opportunities to wear these incredible fairytale-dresses.

But the Dior experience didn't end there. Nope it did not. In the evening Dior organised the most extravagant masquerade ball I've ever seen. Not that I've seen many masquerade balls, but stil. This is an evening I won't forget anytime soon.


Egyptian glamour at Elie Saab

A show that never ever disappoints when it comes to glitter, glam, huge gowns and sparkles beyond words, is Elie Saab. Their Haute Couture shows are always something incredibly impressive and what I'm guessing most girls' dreams are made of. Wouldn't you agree? See more from the show by watching the video here to the right.

Other fun events that I got to attend during this week was the launch of Miu Miu’s new perfume (which I absolutely adore and also can we talk about that cute bar set-up which you can see below), the International Woolmark prize, the loveliest dinner with Georges Hobeika and the Sidaction dinner.


Ultimate romance at Georges Chakra

If there was any show that treated us to girly, flowy and pretty dresses it was Georges Chakra. I have to say that he surprised me this time. In a very positive way. I wouldn’t mind wearing several of these lighter-than-air-creations during summer gatherings and garden parties (now it sounds like I go to plenty of “garden parties” during the summer, which is not the case at all, but if I were to go to one, I wouldn’t mind wearing one of these dresses).

I also got to drool over Rami Kadi’s beautiful Haute Couture creations, that I actually later got to shoot that week but more about that later. I just need to edit all of the photos before I can share them with you all! Can you guess which one I picked to photograph?



Alexandre Vauthier

This week also treated me to my first ever Haute Couture experience with Alexandre Vauthier, a show I’ve never got to see before. For the occasion I wore an all black outfit with huge statement earrings by Swarovski x Lanvin which I have to say matched the cool-girl vibe of the show. Obviously cameras were smattering away like never before when Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid strutted down the runway before running back behind the scenes and change for their second look.


Chanel at the Ritz & Zuhair Murad

One of the last shows of this season was the Zuhair Murad show. I absolutely love the Hotel Pôtocki location where the show has been held the last couple of times – not only because it matches the extravagant gowns perfectly, but also because it gives you the opportunity to see the inside of these gorgeous Parisian venues for once.

Besides going to shows during the week, there’s also plenty of presentations, meetings, emails, editing photos (and taking them) as well as trying to eat one or two pieces of pasta in between it all if you’re lucky. I fell in love with the Chanel suite at the Ritz, that the brand had decorated in all Chanel mannequins, living out different scenarios like having a little Chanel pyjama party, deciding what to wear or lounging on the sofa.

A lovely ending to a lovely week... 

Besides the Chanel presentation another favourite presentation of mine was the Dauphin jewellery presentation. Not only because the Place Vendôme location literally blew my mind away (I kept having to close my moth over and over again after walking into each and every room of this place) but also because I absolutely adore the unique and beautiful jewellery pieces Charlotte had designed for this collection.

Another highlight was definitely the Viktor & Rolf show, which was also a first for me. The collection was assembled by different vintage gowns and put back together in the most unique way possible. Each and every garment that walked down the runway made me look twice. The colours, the creativity. Everything was just so beautiful. Including the music that I still want to find somehow (you can listen to it in the video here to the right) as well as the perfect Louboutin heels that accompanied every single look. Simply beautiful (but not at all simple) is all I have to say.