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Dior in LA

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To end our amazing trip to Los Angeles I attended the Dior Cruise show, which took place among the mountains outside of Calabasas. First of all, I had no idea that nature like this excited just a short trip away from the centre of Los Angeles. Secondly, I've never seen anything like this in my life. After attending two previous Cruise shows by Dior (my first ever right here and the second one last year in London), I definitely know that the brand puts on a show like nobody else and has an eye for detail that I'm constantly in awe of, but never did I think that they would pull something like this off. It was like stepping into a dream. In the middle of a field. In the middle of the mountains. 

The models started walking the second the sun started to set and everything just timed out perfectly as Rihanna made her way through the crowds and the dust to take her seat. The view was something out of this world and every single piece just went so well with the nature around us. Once the final model stepped off the "runway" (more like road of sand and dirt) the sun had set over the mountains and quickly after serving us delicious fries, Solange took the stage and all of a sudden you're in a star studded concert in the middle of nowhere. Yes, definitely another pinch-worthy moment. 

Photos by: Hana Lรช Van