Paris in Four Months


Welcome to Kyoto

Louis Vuitton in Kyoto

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After a wonderful time in Los Angeles, we jetted off to Japan. Kyoto to be a bit more precise. This was my first ever taste of Japan as I've never ever been before but I can hopefully say that it won't be my last. This place and country is one that has intrigued me forever and I can't believe I've finally seen it with my own eyes now. Ever since I read the book Memoirs of a Geisha as a teenager (I know, a bit of a clichΓ© but still!) I've been wanting to experience this place and its rich history. Even though we only had three days in Japan (insert happy sweating emoji right here πŸ˜…) Louis Vuitton – who I was there together with – definitely made sure that we got to experience as much as we possibly could. Hopefully you guys followed along through Instagram Stories during this time because it was really something special... One of the places we got to visit was the place you can see above, called the Golden Temple (also known as Kinkaku-Ji) and let's just say that even though we arrived around 8/9am in the morning this place was busier than the Parisian metro usually is around 5pm when everyone is ready to head home from work (insert another happy sweating emoji right here). 

Photos by: Hana LΓͺ Van