Paris in Four Months


LV Cruise in Japan


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When travelling so intensely it's almost difficult to really understand what you actually get to experience... The Louis Vuitton Cruise show in Japan is a great example for something like this. When I think back at this experience it's almost like a blurry, sparkly fog in my brain... Everything happened so quickly and was so magnificent that it was almost impossible to let it all sink in. Can you believe that they actually managed to have their Cruise show at a museum, nestled among the Japanese mountains outside of Kyoto? I got chills and goosebumps all over when walking into this venue and the only thing I could hear was the iconic Louis Vuitton show music along with little birds singing among the trees. It's so hard to describe this experience and I don't even think photos does it all justice... But it was an experience I will remember forever (including the dinner including real geishas afterwards). You can see more moments from the show right here. Thank you again Louis Vuitton for having me, this was just unreal. 

Photos by: Hana Lê Van