Paris in Four Months


Like in a (Venetian) Movie

In Venice

I spent last week in Venice, together with Jaeger-LeCoultre for the Venice Film Festival. Yes, I've been to Venice before, and also during the film festival, but I've never seen Venice quite like this. This was my first ever experience walking the red carpet during this film festival and attending one of the premieres. It's such a weird and crazy experience and I constantly have to remind myself of what I get to live sometimes... 

My only issue with you Venice? The fact that you have to take a freaking boat to get anywhere in this place. If you didn't know it already, I suffer from motion sickness and boats are basically my worst enemies so these last couple of days have meant an enormous amount of motion sickness medicine along with trying to keep my eyes on the horizon. Despite this little challenge we had the most incredible time and ever and got to experience the film festival like I've never seen it before. Another plus, that also weighed up the boat-side, was that I was able to spend so much time with so many familiar faces and friends. It's so funny that you get to meet your friends like this all across the world from time to time. One of my favourite parts about what I get to do!

Jaeger-LeCoultre treated us like little princesses, quite literally, and we spent every evening in our magical gowns next to personalities like Catherine Deneuve and Diane Kruger. Again, pinch me! 

Photos by: Ylenia Cuรฉllar (editing by me)