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3 Things Not to Miss in Portofino

Maybe a better title for this post would have been “3 things not to miss in Portofino AND around” since my suggestions mainly involve things outside of Portofino. But since most people know this town, and not the others around, you get the idea. I loved my time in this little part of Italy and if you’d like more tips and suggestions if you’re planning a trip here, you can check out my little mini-guide that I posted right here. But for now, here are 3 things you can’t miss!


Walk the walk

Don’t spend 35€ on a taxi to get to Portofino if you’re staying outside this little town – instead, there’s a beautiful (!) walk that goes to Portofino from Santa Margherita for example. The walk takes about 40 min - 1h and is absolutely wonderful. You can walk along the sea for most of the walk and admire not only the beautiful water and little beaches along the way, but also the incredible mansions climbing up the green hills of this areas.

a hotel favourite

If I could choose, I would rather save some money and not stay IN Portofino if you’re staying for a couple of days (since hotels can be hard to find and also quite pricey) and rather opt for a stay in Santa Margherita, just a little walk from Portofino or a very beautiful ferry ride. I found the cutest little hotel called Hotel Blu Di Te in this town and it ended up being one of the best hotel experiences I’ve had in a while Their interior is so well thought out and the breakfast is something I still dream about…


the best day-trip

I would not miss a little trip to San Fruttuoso if you have the time. It’s a little beach , only accessible by hiking or by boat, located about 20 min from Portofino with ferry. It’s super tiny and probably packed with tourists and locals during the summers but it’s also absolutely beautiful. While I was here we stayed the night (which you can read more about here) but since it can be tricky with food at this little place and there are not a lot of places to spend the night, I think a day trip would be a great alternative!