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3 Things not to miss in Palma

This summer I went to Palma, Mallorca, for the very first time. I had never been before so it was super exciting to visit this charming city before we continues on to another little spot along the coast for a few days by the sea. This place is quite touristy during summer-time (like any other place in Europe I guess though…) but if you take a turn and try to get away from the main streets you can see some parts of the city and streets absolutely empty. I loved strolling around and exploring different parts of this place. Here are a few things you shouldn’t miss if you happen to be visiting Palma soon:


but first, coffee

I don’t really remember how this started but for some reason, one of the first things I do as soon as I arrive to any new place is to google where I can find good coffee in wherever I might be. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t. Luckily I wouldn’t call myself a coffee-addict so I can definitely survive if I don’t find particularity good coffee, but it’s always nicer if you do.

I have to admit that I didn’t have the highest hopes for finding good coffee in Palma but luckily, I was wrong! Mistral Speciality Coffee (around the corner from our hotel) and Cala Coffee saved us during our days in Palma and it’s so interesting to see that this specialty coffee cult is finding its way into even the most unexpected places.

A hotel favourite

During our stay in Palma, we stayed at Hotel Mamá that opened just a few months before – and you could tell. Everything looked sparkling new and everyone at the hotel seemed really happy to be there. The hotel is truly beautiful and the attention to detail is really remarkable. The colours, the artwork, the hand-painted ceilings over the bar, the charming breakfast area… Everything met our expectations and beyond. Well, I found this hotel super last minute (like 24h before leaving) so I guess we didn’t really have the time to build up expectations, but anyway!

The rooms were tastefully decorated and we absolutely LOVED the gorgeous roof-top with a few sunbeds and a little pool. I would love to come back to this beautiful place again.

Snapseed 107.jpg


Sometimes I feel like it can be a bit hard to find great food in Spain. Before you get angry there, hear me out! I’m personally not the biggest fan of tapas... I do enjoy it, but after tapas for three meals in a row, I definitely want other options. And I’m sure that there are plenty (!) of other options – it’s probably just me who’s really bad at finding them when travelling in this part of the world.

By chance we stumbled upon a little place called TOC-Restaurant one day and I truly enjoyed our lunch here. The space is small yet very charming and they change the menu daily. When we visited we had a delicious quinoa salad for starters (and I’m not even a huge quinoa fan) and pasta for our main course. It might not sound like much but I would definitely recommend this place to anyone going.