Paris in Four Months


What to do in Paris when it rains


Ok, if you put aside the fact that it’s my birthday during the month of November (and that it’s also the birthday month for many of my friends), it' pretty much sucked this time around to be completely blunt. Ok ok, maybe it hasn’t been so bad but since my mood is so dependant on the weather, it’s been a bit hard when the days have been so incredibly grey and rainy. I really really wish I was one of those people who loved the rain and thought that Paris looked better when it’s completely grey out. Although, there are way worse places in the world to be when it rains I guess. And fortunately there are a bunch of things to do even though it might be raining outside while in Paris.


MuseUm Days

One of the most obvious things to do while it’s raining outside is to visit one of the many museums in the city. I have to admit that I still have a few museums to visit, that I haven’t gotten around to just yet! Perhaps that’s what I should have done while it was raining so much during the last couple of weeks… One of the prettiest views of this city when it’s grey outside is also found at Centre Pompidou. The Louvre, Musée de l'Orangerie, Musée d’Orsay, Musée Picasso, Musée Yves Saint Laurent, Gallery of Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, are also worth visiting and you can always look up if there’s something fun happening at Grand Palais.

The Big Screen

Popcorn and a good movie. Do I need to say more?! Sounds like the perfect way to spend a rainy day to me! I actually did do this not so long ago and came across the most delicious caramel popcorn ever (I would go to the movies for them alone!). I also have to admit that we bought a bottle of champagne for our movie (yes, this is what you can do at the movies in Paris – definitely something that this Swede was quite surprised about, haha) which made this rainy day a bit more fun.

Paris in the rain by Carin Olsson

Luxurious treats

If your wallet allows for an afternoon inside one of the beautiful palaces of Paris I would suggest a little afternoon tea while it’s grey and pouring outside. Tea, champagne, cake and little sweets is all I want. Always. A few favourite places for this would be The Plaza Athénée, Le Meurice, Four Seasons George V, The Ritz, Hôtel de Crillon and La Reserve.


Hot cup of coffee

I mean this is most definitely not something I reserve for rainy days only – you’ll probably find me at a coffee shop every single day of the week – but it is a perfect way to spend a rainy day. Make a date with a friend or bring a good book or a magazine while enjoying a warm cup of coffee. My favourite coffee shops keep changing but right now I would love to spend a grey day at Cuppa, O Coffeeshop, Coutume at the Finish Institute, Café Mericourt and Telescope Café.


stay inside (kind of)

Another good way to spend a rainy day is to spend it inside. While shopping. And thankfully there are many places in Paris to do so. Le Bon Marché is my personal favourite and here you can find anything from make-up and beauty, ultimate dream shoes, gorgeous gowns to interior pieces and delicious food at La Grande Épicerie next door.

Eat your cake

If you want to eat cake, but don’t want to dig a huge hole in your wallet at one of the palace hotels, you can also do it at one of many cafés in Paris. Rose Bakery (conveniently located inside Le Bon Marché) has delicious cheesecake, juices, carrot cake, marble cakes and tea. Treize Bakery serves up American cakes in a cosy atmosphere and the newly opened Pierre Hermé tea salon inside Beaupassage is an excellent choice for a cake-pause when it rains. I’ve also been wanting to try Bontemps in Le Marais (but haven’t gotten around to it just yet). I’ve also spent a coupe of rainy days at the café inside Merci and I love the inside of the Hoxton Hotel since it feels like you’re still outside in a way.