Paris in Four Months


Lipstick Fun


Lipsticks featured: Estée Lauder Dominant 430Lancôme x Camila Coelho in Ipanema Sunrise 344Armani Rouge D’Armani Matte 500

What do you do when the sky looks like a glass of milk, it’s freezing cold outside and the rain is pouring down? You play around with your lipsticks and make-up products as if you were 13 years old again of course. This is actually what I did this morning. Another word for it could also be procrastination – you choose! During the last couple of days I’ve actually tried to organise my make-up storage though, which resulted in this little playtime. It’s coming along but I’m still missing a few pieces for everything to look a bit more organised… But I’m getting there! I guess that’s what these grey, dull days are for.