Paris in Four Months


Hello from Sweden


Jacket: See below – Jeans: & Other Stories – Shoes: Flattered – Bag: Dior

I know this is a little bit late but I wanted to share my days in Stockholm with you anyway since it’s a shame not to share photos from this beautiful city – which also happens to be my hometown. Every time I come back it feels like I’ve been gone for only 5 minutes. And 5 years at the same time. It’s so strange… It feels so familiar yet so foreign. I’ve never actually shot anything in Stockholm before, which made this trip feel even more surrealistic in a way. To photograph on the very same steps I once sat to enjoy a coffee (even though I didn’t even like it at the time) together with friends as a teenager in the first sun of the spring.

Photo by: Ylenia Cuéllar (edited by me)