Paris in Four Months


27th Birthday


This sounds like such a cliché but I really cannot believe that a whole year has passed already… Time goes so so fast it’s almost scaring me a little bit. No, wait. That’s a lite. It IS scaring me. A lot. I honestly feel like it’s a privilege to turn another year older, to get to live another year but that doesn’t mean that it’s not nerve-wracking to realise how quickly time flies by. I mean, it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that I’m now 27 years old. Not because it’s old (!) but rather because I never saw myself as a 27-year-old, or if I ever imagined myself at age 27 when I was a little kid, I was certain that by this time I would have everything figured out, be a proper adult and have a solid plan for my future. And since aaaall of the mentioned aren’t really truths about how my life looks at the moment; I definitely don’t have everything figured out, I most certainly do not feel like a proper adult and I by no means have a solid plan for my future. Haha! But I guess that this is how everyone feels… Or at least I hope so because otherwise I might have a nervous little breakdown.

I celebrated my big day together with my friends who surprised me with breakfast at Ladurée. It’s a birthday tradition by now. You can even go through old posts here on the site and see French Toast throughout my years and several birthdays here in Paris, haha. After a lovely breakfast, surrounded by so many wonderful women and friends, I checked into Hotel La Reserve here in Paris for a little get-away in my own city. I fell in love with this absolutely beautiful hotel, their incredible service and their tremendous attention to detail. They surprised me with a Swedish birthday cake, a magazine from the month and year of my actual birthdate and things I couldn’t even begin to imagine. Do I need to say more? Thank you a million times over for this wonderful experience La Reserve. I felt so unbelievably spoilt and taken care of!