Paris in Four Months


7 Things I Would Want For Christmas

Many people have a hard time to spend money on beauty products for themselves so I think any of my favourite beauty items would make for an excellent Christmas gift for someone! I love the Summer Friday Jet Lag Mask – easy and super simple to apply (anyone can use it really), the Gisou hair oil for my hair (and look at that packaging) along with this heavenly Gisou hair mask.

Something else that I also have a hard time spending money on (but absolutely LOVE having) for myself is luxurious underwear. It might seem a bit personal as a gift but I think it’s so lovely ro receive. Always keep the ticket in case the person wants to exchange the style or the size but otherwise you should be good to go! I love a good ERES set (also incredible for swimwear), Stella McCartney’s underwear or my absolute favourite bottoms by Hanky Panky ( the most comfortable ever).

Do I even need to explain this one? You can never ever go wrong with a piece of jewellery. My dream “Oui” ring by Dior, another pretty thing from Chopard and last but not least this beautiful one by Chaumet. And if the budget doesn’t allow for that, I love different ways to organise my jewellery – like these trinket dishes by Anthropology.

Last but not least, which I guess is a little bit similar to the underwear suggestion – but this might be a better gift option if you feel as though it’s a bit too intimate to gift underwear to someone. I. Love. Sleepwear. And I always love getting new sets. I have no idea why but it’s something that I can never resist. I looove a beautiful nightie (and my favourite ones has actually been gifts) like this one by Three Graces London or a cute sleeping set, like this Stella McCartney one.


Dior has organised an opportunity for people to personalise their Book Totes until December 22nd at the Avenue Montaigne boutique here in Paris. I absolutely love mine and the fact that you can make it your own with this personalisation.

As someone who recently (if you could call one year recently that is…) moved into a new apartment I really love getting little things for my apartment. My friends were so cute for my birthday and got me little gift cards at interior boutiques since they knew I’ve had a hard time getting started with my place. You can have a look at this post for a few, simple ideas for interior decoration gifts.

My go-to gift for other is a scented candle. And I hope other people love to receive them just as much as I do! It’s hard to justify buying these for yourself so it makes for a great gift. I love a classic Diptyque candle, my new favourite fig candle by Maison Christian Dior or a Byredo one!