Paris in Four Months


December in Venice


I’ve been to Venice a couple of times before, I think four times to be exact (if I’m not mistaken) but each and every time I’ve visited in the past, I went during summertime. I’ve had a wonderful experience every single time I’ve gone but never really fallen in love with the city. Mostly because the city is on water. And the way to get around is by boat. And I get motion sick. I’m guessing you can do the math. It’s also been very warm when I’ve previously visited and the little tiny streets can quickly fill up with tourists. So I even though I liked it in the past, I’ve never really fallen in love with this city as I have with other Italian cities. Until now.

My boyfriend has ever since we first got together talked about Venice in the winter-time and how incredibly charming it is. I’ve listened, nodded my head but maybe secretly thought “yeah, well not for me pal”. Water and cold weather? I can’t think of a more awful combination. But, I officially and publicly have to admit that he was right (I will give him this one). The city is incredibly (!) charming during this season and after doing a bit of research I realised that you actually can take the bus all the way from the airport into the city centre and from there get around by foot.

During a whole weekend we just walked around, enjoyed, ate several ice creams and stopped for multiple glasses of sprite and wine along the way. I finally understood what he meant by Venice being so relaxing (two words that previously never really went together in my head) because there are no cars. No scooters. No other sounds but the sounds of the water and the boats if you venture off the beaten track and get away from the crowds. We were so lucky with the weather and even though it was cold, the sun was shining and it was more than fine in a big coat and a little hat to keep warm.

So I guess the verdict sounds something like this: Hi. My name is Carin and I’m a converted Venice lover. I will try to put together a few tips and suggestions from our trip once I get a minute over! And yes, I would definitely recommend going during the winter.