Paris in Four Months


To Paris with Love

Winter in Paris

I'm not the biggest Valentine's Day fan out there (I feel like it's a bit too cheesy and commercial at times) but how can you moan about a holiday that is supposed to celebrate love? I'll take any reason to spread a little bit of extra love around my family and loved ones. And I have to say that I spent my most perfect Valentine's Day in Paris this year yet...

I also created this little series of photos and video (which you'll find here below) for Chopard during this season. When they asked me to create something around love I couldn't help but think of my love for this city... Paris, the city where I grew into the woman I am today, the city where I met friends who today feels more like family than anything else, the city where I experiences love like never before. The city that threw a million challenged my way but that made me stronger than ever.

Photo by: Ylenia CuΓ©llar (edited by me)