Paris in Four Months


Another Spritz, Please!


Dress: Asos – Jewellery: Cartier & Katkim – Bag: Dior – Sunglasses: Maje

If gelato and pasta are my food staples in Italy, Spritz is definitely my drink of choice. I remember the first time I saw this drink – around the Garda Lake in the north of Italy when I was about 17 years old. I had no idea what it was, and I absolutely hated it when I first tried it later that trip. I guess it's not for everyone but I'm slightly obsessed at this point, haha. Especially during warm evenings in Rome! Anyway, the best spot is most likely not right off Piazza Navona (huge tourist traps) but even though we were fully aware of this fact we couldn't resist this beautiful view for a little while before heading off to dinner. 

Photo by: Ylenia Cuéllar