Paris in Four Months


Ponte Sisto


Dress: Jacquesmus

So many of you are (understandably) asking why I don't just move to Rome already when I love this place as much as I do... And I really get your point! To be honest, I've thought about continuing this adventure of mine and moving to Italy during the last year or so but for many reasons I haven't. Even though I'm still madly in love with Paris, live anywhere and everywhere eventually becomes everyday life (although I'm still ooohh-ing and ahhhh-ing every time I get a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower or cross the bridges over the Seine) and I think I've decided that for now, I would like to keep Rome as this romantic, dreamy and enchanting escape without having to face all of the obstacles that comes along with moving to another city (once you get to know a place "below the surface" and it's no longer just all-fun-with-spritz-and-pasta). But who knows what my future will hold? Maybe I'll end up in Italy one day after all! I have to admit that I love the not knowing part... I have to say that I'm pretty darn happy about where I am right now but I don't mind paying my Italian lover (that being Rome or any other Italian city) a visit whenever possible.

Photo by: Ylenia Cuéllar