Paris in Four Months


"The Favourite"


Watch: Jaeger-LeCoultre โ€“ Dress & shoes: Dior

As promised, here are a few snapshots from the evening I attended the premiere of the movie "The Favourite" during the 75th Venice Film Festival. For the occasion I wore this pink and grey coloured, beaded Dior gown (also known as the dress of my dreams by the way) together with the most beautiful Jaeger-LeCoultre watch in grey and pink gold from their "Rendez Vous" collection. I truly had a real life princess moment in this incredibly beautiful Dior gown along with the most intricate timepiece in the middle of Venice. I think the 4 year-old me, who refused to take off her pink princess gown for bedtime even though mom insisted, and who would wear sparkly ribbons in her hair for preschool, would have squealed out of excitement like never before if she could have seen what she would be doing 20-somewhat years later... Sometimes you have to take a minute, pause, look around yourself and take a mental picture to always remember these unbelievable moments. 

I also mentioned in my previous post, that the movie we watched the premiere of was kind of intense. In so many ways. It made me cringe at times, smile, laugh at the dark and witty humour throughout the film and even cover my eyes from time to time since some scenes and dialogs really got to me. Last year we watched the movie "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" while in Venice together with Jaeger-LeCoultre, a movie that continued onto receive multiple Oscars and other prominent nominations. It was a great, heavy and incredibly intense movie and I have a feeling that the movie we got to see this time also could be up for several prizes and nominations. If you'd like to read more about the movie or watch the trailer of it, you can visit IMDB's page about it right here. The movie is worth seeing just alone for the beautiful way it's filmed and set up though โ€“ I loved the interesting angles and frames.

Quotes by: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Photo by: Ylenia Cuรฉllar (edited by me)