Paris in Four Months


Dior Dream Parade


The night before the Dior Haute Couture show (and the first day of the whole week) I met the loveliest Dior team for dinner and after a while we started reminiscing about previous Dior shows a few years ago… We started talking memories, collections, experiences, memories… And I have to admit that whenever I think about this, or think about the very first time I got invited to a Dior Haute Couture show, I get quite emotional. It was sort of like the beginning of this incredible, amazing and unbelievable chapter of my life… Oh gosh, I’m dwelling up again! Aaanyway, back to what I wanted to show you in the first place: this seasons’s Dior Haute Couture Sprin-Summer 2019 show at Musée Rodin in beautiful Paris. We all know that Dior can put on a pretty spectacular show by now, but once again they managed to knock my socks off. The setting, the garments, the acrobats. I secretly wish that I could relive these shows again since they pass by way too quickly…

Polaroid photos by: Eva.Espresso
Shoe detail photo by:
Ylenia Cuéllar