Paris in Four Months


Magical Valentino


Total look: Valentino

One of the most magical moments during this Paris Haute Couture week was without a doubt the Valentino Haute Couture show. I don’t even think that I can put this experience into words… If you haven’t already, I suggest watching the “highlights” of the week, which you can find in my Instagram profile to see bits and pieces from the show. It was one of the most beautiful shows I think I’ve ever had the honour to witness in person. The garments, the music, the setting, the make-up, the support from fellow designers and people in the industry. It was simply perfect. Oh and did I mention that Mr. Valentino himself, along with Celine Dion were both sitting like 2 meters away from me? Yeah, don’t even get me started on that. In the middle of the show, I glanced over at Miss Dion and saw her wiping off tears from her cheeks and if I hadn’t lost it already, I most certainly did then. It’s so hard to describe this kind of beauty and moment to someone else… I’m not even sure what words to use to be taken seriously and for it not to sound too cheesy… But it reminded me of why I dreamt about this industry as a little girl. And what I love the most in what I do. Everything just came together so beautifully and I will forever be thankful for getting to be in that gorgeous room and being a part of such an incredible moment created by Pierpaolo Piccioli and the Valentino atelier. And oh, did I mention that each creation was named after a flower that the atelier picked for the designs? And that I ended up on one of my favourite bridges in all of Paris in this incredible Valentino gown… Yup, I’m still trying to process this whole experience.

Photos by: Hana Lê Van (edited by me)