Paris in Four Months


Dior in London


I travelled to London for a special experience together with Dior Parfums earlier this week and one highlight during our wooonderful stay was most definitely this Dior “prêt-à-por-tea” that you can see little snippets of here above that we got to enjoy at the beautiful Berkeley Hotel. I mean, having afternoon tea while in London is pretty much mandatory I would say and this one did not disappoint.

I’ve most certainly done a few afternoon teas in my life so far (we all know that I have a sweet-tooth by now, no?!) but this one was extra special I have to say. All of the desserts were shaped and inspired by iconic Dior designs and tasted just as sweet as they looked. I could have stayed here nibbling away on little sandwiches and treats the whole entire day!

I know this sounds pretty obvious but if you’re in London in a near future I would absolutely recommend going – but I guess that doesn’t come as a big surprise, haha!


Another highlight of this trip to London was without a doubt the Dior exhibition at the V&A museum. Yes, for those of you who have followed my adventures carefully during the last couple of years will know that I’ve already been to this exhibition while it was open in Paris a while back but I always said that I really wanted to go a second time since it’s a lot to take in and absorb. There are so many beautiful things to look at, so much to learn about the brand that I never knew about and so much inspiration to soak up. On top of that, the London version of the exhibition, currently going on, has also added a few special items and new pieces to the experience which makes it even better.


To finish of our stay together with Dior Parfums, we joined the team along with the rest of the London-guests for a party at the Maison Christian Dior. I always know that they will take my breath away when it comes to experiences but the five or six flower-filled rooms took my breath away. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I can’t believe that the time passed by so quickly but I enjoyed every single second of this special stay. Thank you again Dior Parfums.

Photos by: Hana Lê Van, Morgane Lay & Virgile Guinard
(An experience provided by Dior Parfums – all opinions and words are my own)