Paris in Four Months


In Rome


Whenever I have the chance, I try to schedule little trips within Europe. And this is why I adore Europe so so much… In just a couple of hours you can be in a completely different country and in a completely different place. With different people, different cultures and different food – different everything. So in the middle of February I flew to Rome for a couple of days in one of my absolute favourite cities and even though this is a very delayed post from that trip, given the fact that we’re approaching the end of March now, I thought I would share some snaps from my days in this beautiful city.

I love when work, personal life or anything really brings me to this magical place… Some people have asked why I don’t just pick up my things and move to Rome already but my answer to that question is (if I’ve told you this before already, please feel free to skip the next part, haha): I want to keep Rome as that magical fantasy. To be honest, any city that you live in for a longer time, eventually becomes everyday life and eventually you have to face those annoying little tasks and problems that comes with everyday life and sometimes, sometimes, people can even end up hating the place they live in due to these annoying little problems that grow into headaches and worries throughout your day. And that is why I don’t want to move to Rome. At least not for the moment. Because I want Rome to remain that magical and beautiful place, without any worries or troubles.


While walking the streets of Rome, taking photos and thinking about life while looking at colours and pretty doors, Owen Wilson happened to stroll by together with a group of people. It’s so funny, for a second there, when I only heard his voice, my brain had a hard time processing the whole “Midnight in Paris” meets Rome combination that happened there for a second. Does this mean that we can hope for a “Midnight in Rome” sequel? Well, I’m guessing that it’s not very likely but it does remind me of the fact that I should see “Midnight in Paris” soon again.

Also, if you need any tips or suggestions for Rome, please feel free to check out my little Rome guide that you can find right here.