Paris in Four Months




With birds singing outside my bedroom window every morning for the past couple of weeks, I knew that it wasn’t too far away now, but since temperatures haven’t really seemed to be on the same page as the birds, I was a little bit scared to get my hopes up too high but with this blurry photo of some pretty pink blossoms in front of the beautiful Eiffel Tower, I am happy to officially announce that spring has arrived to Paris! Who am I to decide this you might wonder? Actually, the first official day of spring was yesterday, so I’m technically right and didn’t really make this decision myself. But to be honest with you, even if the calendar didn’t support me on this one, I would have decided that it was time for spring anyway! I’ve simply have had enough of winter and cold weather now and will hope that the weather gods will stop changing their mind and officially give us springtime now. I’m so excited.