Paris in Four Months


Paris Fashion Week


Dress: Zara – Belt: Rouje – Trench: Dior - Boots: Sergio Rossi – Bag: ElleMe

Another season, another Paris Fashion Week. Doesn’t it feel like they’re just around the corner quite often, haha? Fortunately we completely lucked out with the weather during this time and got a little bit of sunshine during the first couple of days (let’s not talk about the rest…). Despite the sun disappearing during the last couple of days, the temperatures didn’t drop too much, which made it possible to wear the fashion week looks without freezing to death! Always a plus! No, you didn’t enter a weather reporting site by accident – it’s still me. I’m just as weather obsessed as usual.



Total look: Dior

Somehow the Dior show is always blessed with blue skies and some sun (yup, the weather reporting is continuing), which most definitely made wearing a bodystocking in netting a lot easier than if it would have been below 0. I never thought I would wear a net top again after the age of 13 but taaadaa! here I am. 27 years old and in netting again. Who could have guessed?! I blame it on Dior. I don’t think many other people would have been able to convince me to embrace this trend 14 years later…


Trench, dress & shoes: Dior – Bag: Manu Atelier

I also never thought that I would be one to get emotionally attached to a leather trench coat, but that’s pretty much what happened after wearing this trench coat for a couple of hours. Never did I know how much my closet missed one until now… Fashion Weeks should come with a warning saying that they may cause irrational and sudden needs from out of nowhere…



Trench: Iris & Ink – Bag: Dior – Boots: Sergio Rossi

Yeah, that’s right. I told you I have a newfound love for leather trench coats – and this one might be more within my budget! Can we also talk about this new version of the Dior Book Tote? My new favourite bag that I will treat like the little precious gem that it is.


Coat, pants & shoes: Rochas – Bag: Furla – Jeans: & Other Stories

For the Rochas show I wore this beautiful black coat along with matching pants. And yes, let’s not forget about the awesome golden shoes. You want the truth? Yes, they did hurt my feet. But was it worth it? Very much because look how beeeeautiful they are?! Here’s an insider tip: if you have the chance, swap heels for flats and comfortable jeans for presentations and running around and put the heels back on for the show! That’s how you survive a fashion week.


Total look: Valentino

I know this “just” looks like a little black dress… But let me tell you, it is most definitely not. It’s a Valentino little black dress. Does that change things? Oh, you bet it does. If you’re still not convinced, I would recommend putting one on for yourself to see. It’s crazy but the difference in quality and fit is just incredible. The attention to details… Yeah, I could go on and on about this little dream but I’m scared I might bore you, haha. All I’m saying is wow. Valentino, you got me again.


Jacket & boots: & Other Stories – Skirt: Louis Vuitton – Bag: Tod’s

When you’ve barely slept during a whole week (no actually, make that 9 days), I cannot even begin to explain to you how good it finally feels to sit down, order a cup of tea and a little raspberry tart to celebrate that this intense (and exciting!) period of running around has finally come to an end. Don’t get me wrong, I love this weeks but even though you love them, you can’t deny the fact that you feel like an overcooked piece of broccoli once you’re done, haha!