Paris in Four Months


30 Montaigne


As if there weren’t enough pretty Dior bags out there already making me stop every time I pass their beautiful window displays all around the city… Tadaaa! Please welcome the new kid on the block: the 30 Montaigne bag by Dior! I’ll save you all the adjectives I have lined up to describe this timeless beauty and will get straight to the point: I simply adore it.

I also have to say thank you to the kind old man who was sitting next to me during this little session, who was kind enough to lend us his newspaper for a few quick shots. Sometimes you come across those scenes in this city… Scenes that seem like they’re taken out of a movie instead of something actually happening right next to you. He was just sitting there. Sipping his espresso, reading his newspaper, doing the crossword puzzle in this beautiful café in the middle of Paris. Perhaps it doesn’t sound like much but when I looked over at him it looked like an old painting or a scene taken out of a classic movie. But I guess that’s what Paris does to certain things… It makes them look like something that belongs in a beautiful photograph or on the big screen.


Photos by: Ylenia Cuéllar (edited by me)
Photos taken in collaboration with Dior – All opinions are my own