Paris in Four Months


Greece on Film


Since I first started playing around with photography, I’ve been dreaming about one day learning how to shoot on film and get a film camera for myself. And just a few weeks ago it sort of hit me… Why do I always postpone this? Why do I think I’m not able to handle it on my own? I should just do it already. So that’s exactly what I did. I went and I bought myself my very first film camera. I settled on the Rollei 35 and even though I think I was slightly fooled when it comes to what I paid for it, I’m very pleased with the sort of camera that I settled for. Only because it’s exactly what I need; it’s small enough to fit in most handbags (and I always carry a small handbag), it’s relatively easy to use (but everything is still manual) and it just looks too cute to be true. Haha, I know that last one isn’t really an argument, it’s just a plus.

I’ve only shot film in the company of my lovely friend Katie before, so I really do not know what I’m doing here (and most of the film is proof of that) but I’m having fun doing it. Unfortunately, most film from Greece cam back unusable… So these are just a few shots that I’m able to show you. Why? I think the guy in the little shop (not very nice by the way so I can’t recommend the shop – I would rather recommend you to stay away from him) didn’t teach me how to load the film properly and due to that, many of the shots have light leaks etc. on them. But hey, I’m a beginner and I’m just learning over here so hopefully the next couple of rolls will come with a better result!

A few people have asked me “why bother with film?” and my honest answer would be: I’m not really sure. But I just love doing it. I’ve always loved walking around taking photos – I mean, that’s how this whole blog and Instagram first started – and after walking the same streets for years, taking photos with an iPhone (more and more) you can loose that sense of excitement that you get when taking photos of something new. Or is it only me? Whether you can relate or not, I think shooting on film has lit that little passion and excitement that I had for photography in the very beginning. I love stopping in the middle of my route, doing my settings, waiting for people to pass, making sure I have the frame right and then press the button. I also love waiting to see what I managed to capture. There’s something about that not-knowing-part that is sort of charming in a world where you can come across almost anything you want so instantly… Even though I waited for this roll from Greece to get developed only to find that my favourite shots are completely unusable. But hey, those things happen and I’m only getting started over here. And maybe it would even be kind of boring if I could manage it right away! I’m here to learn and it’s a process let me tell you.