Paris in Four Months


Venice on Film


Ok so after Greece I also brought my film camera with me to Venice. I didn’t get the film developed and delivered to me until a couple of days had past in Venice so I didn’t know that something was up with my camera, which meant that a lot of film from Venice wasn’t really usable either. I told you, I’m getting there! Patience! *Repeats to myself over and over again* Even though I have to admit that it’s very sad to download your film scans after waiting for days and days only to see that most of them didn’t turn into something that makes for a beautiful image. My exposure meter also stopped working as I mentioned before so I had to guess the settings each and every time which meant that a couple of shots came out very underexposed. Or maybe it was expired film? I have absolutely no clue! Anyway! That’s life and the journey of film photography I guess. I don’t know if these shots are even worth sharing but I thought it could be fun to follow along this journey of learning together. I’m so excited to learn more and more about this and to master this type of photography a little bit more each and every time.