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My Time in Mykonos


Last time I visited Greece I was only a little kid so I don’t remember too much about my time there but I do remember the beautiful clear sea, my mom and dad not being able to get enough of feta cheese and watermelon and putting on a swim show together with my sister and our friends. I’ve been wanting to go back for ages and decided to make it happen this June. A lot of people have been asking about tips and suggestions so I thought I would put together what we did when we were there for anyone wanting to read through.


When to go

I’ve only been to Mykonos this one time so I might not be the right person to ask for absolutely everything and I can only speak from my own experience but I have to say that I absolutely loved early June for a visit. It’s warm, sunny and summer-temperatures in the day and the evenings get a little bit cooler (which I prefer when sleeping anyway). It’s also waaaay less busy that it is during July and August which mean less crowds and lower prices. I also hear that late September is supposed to be lovely and would love to visit during this time.


Where to stay

We stayed at a few different hotels this trip and I really enjoyed them both. We started at the Myconian Ambassador and then continued on to the Myconian Utopia (the view is just wow here). I would also love to stay at The Wild Hotel one time in the future. The great thing about Mykonos is that the island isn’t too big so even if you stay on the south side for example, you can quite easily get to different beaches, the town etc. etc. by renting a car or a scooter.


What do to

As I mentioned, the best way to get around is by scooter (without a doubt). Like this you can get quick and easy to almost any point of the island, avoid traffic jams or cars stopping in the middle of the road. You can rent them almost anywhere but you probably need a motorcycle/scooter license in order to drive one. If you just want to have a relaxing vacation and don’t really mind not exploring, you can also go without this of course as there are buses on the island as well as hotel shuttles – or just stay around the hotel you’ve chosen to stay at. But I have to say that half the point with Mykonos is going to different beaches, restaurant and bars all around the island. The little town is most definitely also worth a visit and the sunsets are just magical to see from Little Venice in the town. If you’re in the mood for some luxury shopping I can also highly recommend the Nammos Village! Such a beautiful shopping experience just close to the beach.


Where to eat

We didn’t have time to try all the places we wanted to dine at but we did manage to squeeze in a few that I’m happy to recommend to anyone visiting. We loved the simplicity of Nikos Gallop (nothing fancy just good food and lovely people). Kiki’s Tavern seems to be the place on the island and you’ll most likely have to wait about 1h or so to get a table. But the whole thing is sort of part of the experience. Grab a (free) glass of wine and sit down and enjoy. And bring your swimsuit so that you can go for a dip at the cute little beach just below the restaurant afterwards. Hippie Fish has the most beautiful view and I loved sitting by the table facing the sea and watch while the sky turned pink, orange and purple as the sun was setting behind the mountain. Veranda is a cute little spot for sunset drinks (you come for the sunset more than for the drinks) on their terrace. The sunset is just magical from here and you’ll not be the only one coming to watch it from this part of town. One of my favourite beaches was the Alemagou Beach. It’s simpler and calmer (well, at least when I was there) than Nammos and Scorpios for example but beautiful with delicious food and gorgeous decor.


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