Paris in Four Months


Summer Essentials


I haven’t been on a proper summer vacation, meaning: going-to-the-beach-and-not-washing-your-hair-for-several-days-kind-of-vacation, so I honestly wasn’t the best at packing for it… I brought several of my favourite, a little bit “nicer” summer dresses, which barely got to make an appearance during my time in Sardinia, haha. I forgot how nice it is to just like in the exact same thing day in and day out and not to stress about what to put on in the morning. Ahhhh! Vacation. I realised that I probably only used like 2 thirds of my suitcase in the end, but 1 of those thirds was definitely used way more than anything else. What was that you may wonder? Well, let me tell you:

  • 3-4 different bikinis were rotating during my trip. I brought more but ended up using my favourite ones. Obviously. I don’t usually tan or go swimming in a one-piece but found myself wearing this black ERES one-piece as a top for almost all of our hikes and beach adventures. In that heat you’ll sweat anyway (and have sunscreen all over) so the last thing you want to do is to ruin a pretty silk top or something like that. Swimsuit to the rescue!

  • I also ended up using one of the bags I brought basically. Which is the one you see in the photo above (just like the black ERES swimsuit). I found this one at & Other Stories and it ended up going absolutely everywhere with me during this trip. It fits everything, it’s light and it doesn’t get dirty that easily = a life saver during hot summer days. I also love that it works both as a beach bag as well as a bag that is suitable to wear together with a dress for village-strolls.

  • Third item I couldn’t live without this summer was a good pair of denim shorts. Seems so obvious but so worth mentioning. I wore these ones all the time together with my swimsuits for hikes and getting to the beach. So simple, so easy.

  • Sunglasses. I’m the worst when it comes to wearing sunglasses. I just don’t feel all that comfortable wearing them. I have no idea why, don’t ask. I’ve had this problem my whole life, haha. Which is also the reason for my major wrinkle between my eyebrows. But this is a non-negotiable while in the sun (and I’m trying to accept it). I ended up rotating mine but came back to these Louis Vuitton ones over and over again.

Despite what you might think, this is not something sponsored, it’s just me sharing a few items that saved my butt during this trip and a trick to not overpack for a holiday that really doesn’t need it. So here’s a few of my favourite styles for each category mentioned above: